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Kelly, Wyoming 83011
United States
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Date Posted: 07/11/2022 | Last Updated: 07/11/2022
Positions Available:
Full Time, Part Time, Temporary
Annual Salary Range:
Not Specified
Minimum Education Level:
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job:
Any Breed
Languages Required:
Any Language
Drivers license required?
Commercial drivers license required?
Own car required?
Pets allowed?
Non-smoker required?
Live on site?
Will pay to relocate?
Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
Height:   ft   in
Weight:   lbs
About The Facility
Working for the Red Rock Ranch is a unique and rewarding experience. You will be part of a family owned summer seasonal guest ranch that is steeped in tradition and embodied with family values. Being part of our team will enrich your life experiences and add to the satisfaction of our guest’s family vacation. You will assist in creating lasting lifetime memories for both you and for our guests. Along with living in some of the most spectacular mountain scenery your job duties will be both challenging and rewarding. You will be part of a team that has been creating family vacation memories for multiple generations that are returning season after season. Be ready to dedicate your self to the ranch, our guests and your fellow team. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
Job Description
Improve overall and individual quality of the ranch’s livestock health, performance and environment, while simultaneously providing guests with an atmosphere that promotes safety first, genuine western hospitality and effective communication between horse and rider. Providing a learning and growth experience for the guests while maintaining the growth and safety of both horse & rider. Measured by safe riding skills, horse improvement and guest surveys.
Job Requirements
Arrive to work “on” time every time; with appropriate attire/attitude
Daily catching, brushing, saddling horses for guests
Attentive and daily assistance to the minute details of horses’ health by noticing & caring for problems, including but not limited to lameness, scrapes, rubs and soreness.
Establish rapport with Guests and thereby: express leadership, horsemanship, and a sincere desire to provide safe access to “amazing” scenery for RRR’s Guests
Daily inspection of tack and equipment; ensuring both are in adequate and safe condition.
Assist with cleaning and maintaining the barn, vet room, tack rooms and area(s) associated with the barn functions
Energetically assist with fence repairs, feeding of horses, as well as any and all activities that HW assigns
Monthly Salary, Equal Share of Gratuity Pool, Lodging and Meals. Salary based on experience.
Description of Housing Provided
Shared housing in 2 unit cabins.