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Equine Social Media Manager

Ocala, Florida 34478
United States
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Date Posted: 03/15/2022 | Last Updated: 05/24/2022
Advertising, Assistant Manager, Computers/IT, Customer Service, Marketing
Positions Available:
Full Time
Annual Salary Range:
Not Specified
Minimum Education Level:
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job:
Any Breed
Languages Required:
Drivers license required?
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Own car required?
Pets allowed?
Non-smoker required?
Live on site?
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Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
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About The Facility
Equistaff is the first and only staffing agency focused solely on the Equine industry. We have an extensive history sourcing quality candidates for farm positions, but we are capable of handling everything from C-suite business professionals to veterinarians and saddle fitters. If horses are involved, we can be too, and we would love to continue diversifying our brand into all facets of the industry. We believe we can make huge steps towards achieving that by increasing our presence on social media, with everything from blog posts and unique content, to congratulatory memos whenever a new candidate is placed, to sourcing new leads and advertising potentials. This person will work directly with the Recruiting Manager in this position. We are looking for someone with knowledge of the Equine Industry, an eye for graphic design, and a considerable drive to grow the company!

Professional office setting located in the heart of horse capitol Ocala, FL. Office hours 8-5pm with 1 hour lunch.
Job Description
• Mine the internet for employer and job seeker leads
• Refer leads to recruiters
• Increase income on the website by increasing all types of users
• Resolve customer relations pertaining to website
• Manage system errors and communicate to web vendors
• Manage mail campaigns
• Locate brand ambassadors
• Attend events to present awards and create live social media spots
• Utilize social media tools to create and maintain the company’s brand to match the most current style guide approved by senior management team.
• Working with marketing professionals to develop social media marketing campaigns
• Interacting with customers and other stakeholders via the company’s social media accounts
• Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements
• Researching social media trends and informing management of changes that are relevant to the company’s marketing activities
• Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns, such as targets for a certain number of shares or likes and measuring a campaign’s performance against the KPIs
• Create daily original content (Instagram stories, social media feed posts etc.) that relates to the brand’s audience.
• Create blog posts once per week for all social media platforms.
• Create content with purpose that may directly engage customers while following brand guidelines.
• Coordinate with marketing team and create clear calls of action that converts engagement into sales.
• Must be able to work independently and creatively. Stay up-to-date with trends in the horse industry, staffing industry, and market competitors.
• Educate and make public aware of the products and services of the brand.
Job Requirements
• Social media: The ability to use social media to maintain or build a brand is necessary to be a Social Media Manager. These professionals are expected to regularly post text, video and images that engage the company’s target market, follow online conversations on a company’s social media accounts and solve customer concerns using social media platforms.
• Communication: Great verbal and written communication skills are essential for this occupation. A Social Media Manager must interact with writers, designers, developers and customers and report to senior management personnel. As good communicators, these professionals must identify social media events such as an interesting hashtag or a sensitive topic and share appropriate content that aligns with the company’s social media strategy.
• Creativity: Crafting engaging content is an important skill for a Social Media Manager. These professionals must constantly align content with customer trends and market changes to interest and engage people.
• Technology: Computer skills, skills in using social media platforms and skills in using tools that analyze social media platforms are requirements for this position. A Social Media Manager must use digital technologies to meet the goals of social media campaigns.
• Research: Skills in learning social media trends, identifying new social media tools, and finding real-time online conversations are necessary for this position. Social Media Managers must have an understanding of the trends and techniques of social media as well as the company’s online presence to effectively handle social media marketing.
• Time management: The skill of organizing tasks to meet deadlines is essential for this professional role. Social Media Managers work according to schedules and must meet marketing and business goals.
Opportunity for growth within the company. Health benefits, 401K, PTO, etc.
Description of Housing Provided
No housing. Office and equipment provided.