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Stables Supervisor

napa, California 94558
United States

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Date Posted: 05/30/2020 | Last Updated: 05/30/2020

Categories: Dude Ranch/Wrangler, Manager - ranch, Trail Guide, Wrangler
Positions Available: Full Time
Annual Salary Range: $35,000 - $39,999
Minimum Education Level: High School
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job: Any Breed
Languages Required: Any Language
Drivers license required? Yes
Commercial drivers license required? No
Own car required? Yes
Pets allowed? Yes
Non-smokers required? No
Live on site? Yes
Will pay to relocate? No
Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
Height:   ft    in
Weight:   lbs
About The Facility
R-Ranch at the Lake is a private membership recreational facility in the hills above Napa, California, near Lake Berryessa. We offer horseback riding, boarding, camping, and many more outdoor activities.
Job Description

Job Title: Stables Supervisor
Reports To: Ranch Manager
Earnings Status: Non-Exempt


The Stables Supervisor will work as supervisor for the Stables Lead and work under the supervision of the General Manager. As a team we will work together to manage all aspects of the stables department.

Essential Functions:

• Follow the written stables rules/policies regarding any and all functions of the stables that has been approved by the Board of Directors.
• Work with and direct the Stables staff on any and all functions of the barn/horses/owner horses/ and property associated with the functioning of the stables.
• Ensure that all horses are being cared for in a professional manner and that all horses are kept healthy to the best of your ability. Identify problems and caring for sick/injured horses
• Ensure that the entire stables area remains safe for owners/guests/horses and all who use the area for an enjoyable experience.
• Performs tasks at the direction of General Manager.
• Intermediate to advanced western riding skills. Familiar with riding in rough terrain, water, and creeks. Must have a good sense of direction. Must be able to ground mount. Work and ride good under pressure and emergency situations.
• Assist and delegate to the Stables staff to assign horses with owners, guide owners and their assigned horses on trail rides. Give instruction in basic horsemanship, riding lessons and horse care.
• Assist horse owners.
• Must work well under stressful and emergency situations.
• Provide great customer service to our owners and guests.
• Assist Stables lead on the feeding and care of horses.
• Maintaining facilities, corrals, arena, trails, grounds.
• Trail maintenance, fencing and general ranch chores.
• Perform barn and tack maintenance ensuring all is safe and in good working order.
• Maintaining and alerting General Manager when vehicles and ranch equipment are broken.
• Assist and supervise Stable staff to assign owners and their guests into riding groups, using whatever criteria the ranch has established.
• Assist to implement a written horse care vaccine program, farrier program, feeding program, and overall standard operating procedure for the stables department.
• Daily feeding of all of the horses during the Ranch established feeding times
• Communicate with Horse owners regarding any outside care or first aide that there horse(s) may require.
• Communicate with horse owners regarding any change in care.
• Work with and communicate with the maintenance lead on larger projects and construction and necessary repairs.
• Demonstrates safe work habits.
• Ensures proper maintenance logs and work reports indicating time and materials used.
• Demonstrates responsible use and care for equipment, vehicles, tools, and other materials.
• Works independently with little supervision in the completion of assignments.
• Plans, schedules, and sees jobs through to completion.
• Establishes and maintains customer oriented focus.
• Communicates politely and effectively with, and in front of, customers.
• Works as part of a team with supervisors and co-workers.
• Regular attendance.
• Travel and work overtime as required.
• Manage and maintain a budget.
• Monthly reports to the owners by way of newsletter as well as monthly reports to horse owners along with regular communication to horse owners regarding their needs.
• Work with the Operations Manager to establish your annual budget and horse board costs.
• Try to cut costs where you can without jeopardizing the standard of care for horse or owner.
• Work with all departments and Ranch employees when necessary.

Other Functions:

• Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.
• Supports and helps other Ranch employees as requested.
• Assists on special projects as needed.
• Ensures that Company tools, equipment, and vehicles are maintained in proper working condition.

Mental and Physical Demands:

• The principle duties of this position are performed in a variety of environments, including customer homes, the outdoors, and field environments on uneven and rough terrain.
• Required to work in outside weather conditions, including heat, cold, and temperature swings, for extended periods of time.
• Experiences frequent interruptions; required to meet inflexible deadlines; requires concentration and attention to detail; requires a high level of organizational and prioritization skills.
• Standing up to 8 hours per day; Walking up to 8 hours per day on uneven, difficult terrain.
• Regular heavy manual labor to include lifting and handling up to 100 pounds.
• Regular and repetitive grasping, gripping, reaching, bending, stooping, crouching, climbing, squatting, kneeling, and working overhead.
• Frequently works in closed or cramped spaces.
• Climbs ladders and completes overhead work for assignments.
• Ability to read and understand product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

• You will be supervising the entire barn staff. You will need to supervise all employees at the barn, develop a supervisorial partnership between yourself and the lead with your duties overseeing the lead. Write schedules, communicate with your team, reviews, safety meetings, counseling sessions, and anything else Team related that may require attention. These positions are hands on and require you to participate in the daily tasks required at the Stables.

Core Competencies/Qualifications:

• Commitment to the Company’s mission.
• High school diploma or GED. Additional education and/or training preferred.
• Education, training, skills, and experience necessary to carry out assignments.
• Ability to read, writes, speak and communicate effectively. Demonstrated skill in correct grammar, spelling, and English usage.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with co-workers, administrative team, and the public.
• Knowledge of basic ranch repairs and installations using standard tools and machines.
• First aid and CPR training.
• Use and application of safety practices and procedures.
• Current Class C Driver’s License with a clean driving record.
• Standard Computer skills (email, Microsoft office programs, data entry)
• Maintain Horse Riding Log in Campground Master.

You are working for the R-Ranch! We work as a TEAM! If you are needed in another department, or in another section of the Ranch you will be expected to help out wherever you are needed.
This job description has been submitted by your supervisor. If needed your supervisor may update this description of duties as necessary.
Job Requirements
5-10 years of experience managing a rustic barn environment. Must be able to manage a team or 3-5 persons. Ability to train and assess horses and match riders to horses for safety. Guided trail rides for all ages and skill levels. Knowledge and ability to provide proper care for horses, maintenance of stables, fencing, and general barn facilities.
Housing, 401k, employer sponsored health insurance (80/20 up to $400/month)
use of recreational facilities during off-time.
Description of Housing Provided
1 or 2 bedroom(depending on availability) single wide mobile home in our employee housing area. Unit is interspersed with our seasonal staff staying in their personal RV's as well as a handful of other onsite units. Pets MAY be considered but limited.