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2020 Summer Camp Equestrian Director

Nevada City, California 95959
United States

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Date Posted: 04/05/2018 | Last Updated: 11/13/2019

Categories: Instructor, Other, Summer Camp, Teacher/Professor, Working Student
Positions Available: Full Time, Contract
Annual Salary Range: Not Specified
Minimum Education Level: None
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job: Any Breed
Languages Required: English
Drivers license required? No
Commercial drivers license required? No
Own car required? No
Pets allowed? Yes
Non-smokers required? No
Live on site? Yes
Will pay to relocate? No
Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
Height:   ft    in
Weight:   lbs
About The Facility
We'll be the first to say it... working at Camp Augusta is a horse of a different color! We are an 80 acre, non-profit, residential summer camp located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for campers and staff alike. A summer in the woods with us is centered around two primary pillars:

1. An incredible amount of FUN. Camp Augusta's engine runs on a potent fuel of imagination, creativity, intentionality, dreams, and saying 'yes'. Campers and staff work together to create unique experiences that are unmatched in innovation and adventure!

2. Meaningful GROWTH. We are fully invested in supporting the development of empathy, self-confidence, independence, social skills (EQ), and creativity within all of our campers (ages 8-16). Staff will learn an enormous amount about living in community, transferable communication skills, time management, program development, and themselves throughout their time at Camp Augusta.

If you absolutely love spending time nurturing your youthfulness by playing with and supporting kids; are jazzed about being an integral part of a close-knit, intentional community of staff; and get goosebumps of delight thinking about truly transformational growth and learning opportunities, we may be a great fit!

Camp Augusta’s equestrian program is small, including a herd of 10 horses. We teach a hybrid of English and Western and offer trail rides, horse care, and basic arena work. The goal of the equestrian program is to teach campers not just to ride but to love horses too, and to create an environment where campers can have fun and build self-confidence through the facilitation of horsemanship.
Job Description
The Equestrian Director leads program development working alongside other members of the EQ team. In addition to running our program they are responsible for feeding & mucking as well as general herd maintenance. This role benefits from a person with a stable temperament who is able to adapt their experience, teaching style, and philosophies to camp and can provide their insight while being open to collaboration. When not horsing around, EQ staff will participate in camp programs, evening programs, and supply camp magic. Applicants must be 19 or older by May 2020, and have a CHA certification (or ability to acquire) or 3+ years of group lesson teaching experience. Preference for applicants who can return for multiple summers.
Job Requirements
EQ Skills:
● Is creative and flexible with implementing new programming ideas with horses - doesn’t settle for the
norm, and sees potential for integration with other camp programs
● Horse sense; understands each horse, thier temperament, strengths and relationship with the herd.
They use this knowledge to utilize the herd daily and match horses to riders and activities
● Anticipates and manages risk with relation to the herd and the campers. Always has awareness, and
balances acknowledgement of inherent risk while providing engaging programs
● Love for working with and teaching children in a safe, fun, and intentional manner

EQ Tasks:
● Lead development and execution of all equestrian programming (predominantly Western riding style,
familiarity in English style helpful)
● Oversee ordering of all supplies necessary for thorough care of the herd, including feed and
● Manage health and safety of a small herd of horses (9-10 total) for the duration of the summer,
including feeding and mucking
● Responsible for care and upkeep of all equestrian-related equipment, including ordering new gear as
needed and approved
● Accurately assess rider’s skill level to ensure a high level of safety in the EQ program
● Learn local trails thoroughly in order to safely lead all trail rides throughout the summer
● Engages with the rest of the camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond the
realm of the Equestrian Director
● Teaching other activities, auction prizes, special wake-ups, cabin activities, playstations
Housing and meals are provided. Meals are made fresh, locally sourced and organic.

The depth of training and ongoing professional support you will receive as a Camp Augusta staff member (in the realms of education, personal development and communication, and activity skills) can offer far-reaching benefits for many other parts of your life.
Description of Housing Provided
Housing included open air cabins, yurts, tiny houses, even a treehouse!