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Trail guide/riding instructor/Horse health care/relocate to an island in the Caribbean

Providenciales TK CA 1ZZ
Turks and Caicos Islands
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Date Posted: 03/08/2018 | Last Updated: 02/10/2020
Groom - General, Instructor, Other, Trail Guide, Trainer - General
Positions Available:
Full Time
Annual Salary Range:
$20,000 - $24,999
Minimum Education Level:
High School
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job:
Any Breed
Languages Required:
Drivers license required?
Commercial drivers license required?
Own car required?
Pets allowed?
Non-smoker required?
Live on site?
Will pay to relocate?
Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
Height:   ft   in
Weight:  150 lbs
About The Facility
Provo Ponies is a tourist based riding stable located on the picturesque island of Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The island is known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. We cater mainly to the tourists that stay at the local resorts. We do daily rides on back roads, trails and the beach. Much of our job is entertaining guests as well as giving them a safe, enjoyable ride. We have also have a riding program for children & adults which is expanding. Many of our horses have been rescued from abusive or neglected situations and require special care. We have been featured on the Travel Channels ‘Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches’, American Way Magazine, as well as many other photo shoots and music videos. For more information see our website: , check us out on TripAdvisor, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram!

The stable is open air wooden box stalls on compacted quarry with wood shavings. Very little to no grazing so it is intensive feeding. At the moment we have 33 horses and ponies, 4 of which are retired, 3 semi-retired, one 4 yr old in training and one young donkey. There is a small, 80’x 80’ arena used to put up and teach guests, give instruction to small children and some turn out. We also have a 90’x 190’ arena for instruction, training and turn out. Tack room, feed storage, hay storage and small office. The stable is located on top of a hill with views on both sides of the ocean, approximately ¾ mile to the beach. It’s a 10 to 15 minute horse ride to the beach on which we take our tours.
Job Description
Many of our animals are rough, tough island ponies. We also have a mix of other breeds including drafts, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter horses and Paso crosses. Though they are very well cared for, they are not show horses. The candidate must realize that we have very limited resources on this island and therefore have developed particular methods for maintaining healthy horses in a hot, infertile environment. We ride predominately English though we do have western saddles for the tourists and many of the horses rein and respond to both western and English aids.
Duties may include but not limited to:
All aspects of stable care and management : ordering and unloading of feed and hay, stall cleaning, tack care, feeding, general repairs of facility, keep stable tidy and ready for customers at all times, monitor health of horses, keep daily accounts and have general computer knowledge.
Trail guide: Candidate must be able to organize all aspects of the trail ride; pull horses, groom, saddle, and bridle. Rides may be up to 6 riders per guide, maximum 12 riders often with a private ride going at the same time. Once guests arrive, candidate must be able to properly assign each rider to a horse based on ability, size of the individual and personality of horse and rider. Candidate must be able to properly go through all the rules of the trail ride and assist each rider in mounting their horse, adjust stirrup length, and provide basic instruction. During the trail ride, candidate must assure that every rider is safe at all times, take photos with guests phone or camera and ensure a pleasant, safe experience. Guide must be personable, and comfortable giving instruction to guests while making them feel relaxed. This part of the job is as much about entertaining people as it is about the riding. Candidate must like people.
Riding instructor: Certified instructor would be more desirable but not a necessity. We run a riding program for many children and a few adults.
Basic hoof trimming: All horses are barefoot trimmed and booted during ride if necessary. There is no farrier on the island. We trim our horses regularly. Candidate must have general knowledge of horse anatomy and be willing to learn barefoot trimming.
Training: Candidate must be comfortable and capable of working, lunging, training and doing ground work with green horses and ponies. Candidate must be able to curb bad habits developed due to untrained, inconsistent riders.
Vet care: There is no large animal vet on the island. Basic knowledge of medical conditions and lameness in horses is a must. Candidate should have experience in administering medication, ie: poulticing, leg wrapping, massage, shots (IV & IM), eye medicine, etc…
Job Requirements
We are looking for a responsible individual who is honest, has the utmost integrity, a strong work ethic, self-motivated and self-delegating will be necessary for this job.
• Must weigh no more than 150lbs.
• Must be a skilled rider & instructor
• Good people skills.
• Must have some certification in the equine field to be eligible for work permit in the Turks and Caicos.
• Must have knowledge of equine nutrition and hoof care.
• Must have valid driver’s license.
• Speak English and a second language would be an advantage.
• Must be physically fit and able to carry out all physical aspects of this job.
• You must provide references with contact information.
• Must work well with others, be drama free and willing to take instruction.
• Must like all animals.
• Living accommodation$1000 per month
• No local income taxes.
• Provo Ponies will pay for work permits.
• National Health Insurance Plan and workman’s comp (NIB) is only -3.4% paid by employee, employer pays the rest and there is excellent medical care on the island. Private insurance not offered.
• Two weeks paid vacation per year.
• 12 paid sick days (pending doctor’s note) per year.
• Most Saturday afternoons off.
• Sundays off.
• The island has been voted as having the most beautiful beaches in the world.
• World class scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing, kite boarding.
• Warm weather year-round.
• Happy work place, great team to work with.
Description of Housing Provided
1 bedroom, one bathroom apartment not far from the stable.