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EMPLOYERS... Update your listings. This refreshes your Listing and shows Job Seekers you are actively looking to hire.

Q: What is the best way to find the right candidate for my open position?

A:  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of posting a detailed job description!  The best candidate might find you first if you clearly state exactly what you're looking for. Utilizing advanced search features can help pinpoint the ideal candidate. Even when you are not actively seeking candidates on the site, your job listing will always be available for prospective candidates to apply.

JOB SEEKERS...  Update your data frequently. This refreshes your Profile Date and shows employers you are actively looking for work.

Q:  How can I find a job faster?

A:  Take initiative - Proactively seek open positions and prospective employers!  Check the site frequently for new job postings to have a better chance of finding that ideal job. It’s all in the details –create a profile that provides as much detail as possible about your job history.  Be prepared –have your resume, credentials and contact information readily available for prospective employers.  Follow up on all applications and inquiries.

General Questions

Q: Who can use this site?
A. Anyone in the Equestrian Industry looking for a job or an employee anywhere in the world.

Q: How does the site work?
A. The site works using a system of free Job Seeker Memberships and paid Employer Memberships.  EQUIstaff has a database of over 60,000 Job Seekers.  To access our database and contact Job Seekers, Employers must join the site. Membership gives employers direct access to all Job Seekers and allows all Job Seekers to contact employers directly.

As a member, your business will be included on our employer list so that Job Seekers in our database can contact you directly for free. Employers may also purchase ad space and/or become featured employers. Memberships are billed monthly and are reoccurring. Please see Terms of Use for more.

Q:  What are the benefits to signing up for a Featured Account?
A:  Signing up for a Featured Account gives you maximum visibility on our site! Increase your presence by posting your ad in the Featured Users section that appears throughout the site on the side bar.  Featured Seekers and Featured Employers are visible to all traffic on the site.  A feature entails a picture and a brief description of yourself or your business optimizing your search-ability. Featured Employers are allotted extra job postings when they sign up.

Q: Does my account automatically renew at the end of my subscription?
A: Yes, all accounts with EQUIstaff automatically renew at the end of each subscription. A 5-day courtesy notification is emailed to you as a reminder.

Q: How do I deactivate my account?
A: To deactivate your account, login and select “MY ACCOUNT” from the top tool bar.  Scroll down to Account Status, here you will find the option to “DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT.”

 Q: Does EQUIstaff offer other recruiting services besides posting on

A: YES!  EQUIstaff provides services to employers who would like our experienced staff to locate the right employee for them.  EQUIstaff will recruit, screen, interview, reference check and offers different levels of background checks. The employer has the final decision as to who they hire with a guarantee of replacement within agreed time-frame.  Call us at 352-293-2088 or email us at  for more information.  Let us take on the leg work for you!

Q: What are your terms and conditions?
A. See Terms and Conditions.

Q: Do you interview your Job Seekers?
A. No. This is reflected in our charges. We believe the (employers) should make their own choice about who would be suitable for their business which is why we make as much information available about the Job Seeker as possible.

Q: Do your Job Seekers come with any references or other documents which might help us to make a decision?
A. Yes, all Job Seekers have a facility in their account to upload their references. Sometimes, Job Seekers do not have the facilities at their end to put their documents on their profile but will provide them when asked to do so.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A. Members are responsible for managing their memberships. EQUIstaff will not generally offer refunds, see Terms of Use. 

Q: A Jobseeker I have contacted requires a Visa.
A. Some Jobseekers may require a visa. We do not issue visas. The employer will need to arrange Visa/Work Permit legal details independently of any service provided by EQUIstaff.

Q: How do I know if a Job Seeker is still looking for a job?
A. You can refine your search to filter Job Seekers who have updated their resumes within the last 5, 15, or 30 days to see Job Seekers who are actively seeking employment.

Q: What computer/browser do I need to use your site?
A. To use our site you must have a browser that has cookies and javascript enabled. The site has been tested on most popular browsers. Always ensure that you use the most up-to-date version of your browser. If you have a browser issue using this site please contact support.

Signing In

Q: I've forgotten my password.
A. Use forgotten password to have your password emailed to you.

Q: I can't sign in.
A. If you do not have an account you must register first. Please check carefully that you have entered your username and password correctly.  If your password is incorrect use forgotten password to have your password emailed to you.

Searching the database

Q: How do I search the database?
A. For Employers, log in and use the “Search Job Seekers” function. You can begin with key word search or advanced search with resume updated option, and then add additional filters if desired.

Q: I get too few/many results returned in a search.
A. This can happen when you have specified too many or too few criteria in your search. If you get too few records being returned try removing some of the filters and re-run the search. If you get too many profiles being returned try adding some new filters.


Q: What are your fees?
A. Job Seekers are FREE. Advertisers and Employers Membership - Look below: 
Employers may sign up for multiple month discounts.

Additional Options:
  • Featured Employer: $29.95/month. 
  • Featured Job Seeker $20.00/month. 
  • Schools: $10.00/month.

Q: When I have found a Job Seeker and it doesn’t work out, will I have to pay again to find another Job Seeker?
A. No, unless your Membership has expired in which case you will have to renew.

Q: Once I have paid the membership fee how long does it take to come into effect?
A: If you have used a credit card, membership is immediate.

Your Account

Q: How do I access my account?
A. Use the My Account link found at the left of the menu bar. Sign in first if you are not already signed in.

Q: How do I edit my profile?
A. Select My Profile from the blue menu bar near the top of the page. On this page, you can upload your photo, video, documents and fill out fields that will appear in when an Employer views your profile.